Identifying assessing and recognition of organizations with the prestigious award as an organization benchmarked with best practices and culture demonstrating great leadership and managerial quotient and providing an eco system for nurturing great managers.


A call to greatness – Nominate your high performers and assess their managerial and leadership quotients through the scientific well researched model of D-ACTI 5X.


Recognizing the managerial and leadership quotient of high performers and Great Managers in your organization, providing an avenue for great managers to benchmark with the best in the industry, identify their strengths, provide guidance for the development and enable them to become the best in their domain.

Our Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partners

The CLA Great Managers – awards program powered by CLA Coaching & Consulting Inc in strategic partnership with Colombo Leadership Academy has raised the industry’s benchmark of measuring managerial and leadership effectiveness of Managers in Driving business growth, Aligning their contribution towards organizational growth, Coaching subordinates and director reports for higher performance, Building team effectiveness and the overall Integrity of leadership.

The well researched scientific methods of the D-ACTI 5X meta analysis of competencies helps to understand what distinctly distinguishes a truly great manager and sustain the best practices of nurturing more great managers in the organizations

Our Testimonial

We are proud of our high achievers. Our company’s biggest asset is our team. The success, growth and the sustainability of our business will always depend on each individual team member committing their very best at all times. We strive to drive an organizational ecosystem that nurtures and develops entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership skills amongst the team; and the Leadership Excellence Awards such as this gives us the reassurance that we are doing things right
Senath Jayathilake
Chief Executive Officer
John Keells Logistics Pvt Ltd
The recognition we received at the Leadership Excellence Awards 2018 is testament to the organisation’s continuous commitment and efforts in people development. The awards recognise and honour the calibre of our managers and the success of the ‘Lead Right’ program which is the flagship people manager development program of Airtel. Through fostering more great managers with specific training and development interventions, we envisage the growth and development of a dynamic and effective leadership pipeline across our organization.
Jinesh Hedge
Chief Executive Officer
Bharti Airtel Lanka Ltd
NDB Bank is proud to have committed leaders at many levels within the organisation thanks to very good HR practices adopted which is recognised by The Colombo Leadership Academy the facilitators of the Great Manager Awards.
Dimantha Seneviratne
Group Chief Executive Officer
National Development Bank PLC
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Introducing The D-ACTI 5X Model

In today’s world, Great managers are critical and imperative to the success of any organization. ‘Great’ managers are different from ‘good’ managers. They drive results by getting the very best out of the people/teams they manage. They are comfortable to empower and entrust responsibilities to the employees and also involve them in decision making and improvement. Our research on “What Great Managers do” has evolved to scientific analytical model of the D-ACTI 5X that maps managerial and leadership quotients

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